3 Ways to Building Emotional Intelligence/Self Awareness

3 Ways to Building Emotional Intelligence/Self Awareness

Think of a recent incident that either bothered you or brought you joy, then identify the emotions, bring light to the matter that concerned you or made you feel happy. Self-awareness brings light to the underlying emotions that ultimately cause you to have pain and suffering or peace and joy necessary to make a conscious choice. Here are the ways to build self-awareness and the benefits of being self-aware.

1. Breathing: Deep breathing techniques, meditation, and exercising help the mind and body be calm, providing enough oxygen to flow through your bloodstream, giving relief to the stress hormones necessary to make a wholesome decision. Be aware of your thoughts, present biases, adversity, story, past negative experiences, acknowledge the pain point, and move beyond it. Being aware of your internal cognitive messages will help you let go of your fears, doubts, anxiety and embrace the unknown.

2. Exercise: Bring awareness every day by doing physical exercise, giving you the energy required to live in the optimal state each moment. 

3. Contribution: Sports, singing, dancing, volunteering, giving back, any active participation with the world around you will help you stay present and active consciously with your external world. 

Benefits of being mindful are being in touch with your true self and making a conscious, intentional decision. It helps build a strong rapport and connection by acknowledging you are here, present, now for your client. It helps to let go of the negativity and choosing the peace and joy within you to be happy and healthy.

Alkesh Patel LPC, CSAC, CEO.