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April is Counseling Awareness Month

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Counseling Awareness Month was established as an annual event by the American Counseling Association (ACA) in 2002. Both a time of advocacy for the profession and a celebration of the field’s accomplishments, Counseling Awareness Month is an excellent opportunity for professional counselors to reach out to the public and talk about the work they do, the ways they benefit their communities, and how they have helped change—and will continue to change—society for the better. 

Counseling Awareness Month encourages people to learn about professional counselors and the benefits of counseling. Many people are afraid to seek counseling, even though they could benefit from it.

Seeking counseling is a way to proactively manage your problems. If you have problems that impair your ability to function day to day, a counselor can teach you skills to handle difficult times. In addition, some people seek counseling services to improve their already great lives. Counseling can help people develop skills that will help them excel in specific areas such as sports, business, and leadership.