Mental Health Skill Building at Therapeutic Alliance

Mental Health Skill Building Service (MHSS) provides mental health services for adults in our community over the age of 18 with emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric disorders which result in significant functional impairments in normal day-to-day life activities.

This service population has difficulties in maintaining focus and achieving the daily living skills necessary for them to lead productive lives in their communities on their own. Our program will teach and help implement these skills (i.e., self-care, personal hygiene, employment retention, medication management, along with seeking positive social and interpersonal interactions and relationships, transportation issues, and others).

Members of our service population often have deep-rooted mental health issues and psychiatric disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder, among others. Many of these individuals experience significant disabilities and have not been helped by traditional treatments such as outpatient models. They often have difficulty setting, keeping, and arriving to appointments on their own, as in the traditional model of case management. Many have had past negative interactions and unsuccessful experiences while attempting to participate in the traditional mental health system. We particularly seek to reach out to those who have a limited or inaccurate understanding of their own need for help.