Self Motivation

Self Motivation

By Alkesh Patel LPC, CSAC, CEO

One of the best qualities any individual can possess is being self-motivated.

Self-motivated individuals don’t need to be pushed to get work done. They possess the qualities to perform outstanding work and work with passion consistently. Self-motivated people do not worry about slack or lost hours. They also fix a pace and model that others can and want to follow. 

Self-motivated people know what their purpose is in life, and they live it. They rise above adversity, problems, momentary failure, and loss. They believe in others and themselves too. They epitomize humility, take criticism, and admit vulnerabilities. They are persistent and try to keep updating their knowledge on a regular basis.

Some key qualities are described below

1) Visionary thinking and purpose.People are able to see the bigger picture easily.

2) Optimism abounds and self-motivated people participate fully in life.

3) Possess good self-esteem with an attitude of success. They expect to win but can cope with failure as they see it as a learning curve.

4) Known thirst for challenge and willingness to take risks.

5) Self-motivated people are committed to lifelong learning – there is always more to know and understand.

6) They have endless energy – not just physical but mental and emotional energy as well.

7) Persistent and determined. They don’t give up at the first sign of trouble.

8) Strive for balance in work/play and within themselves – health-wise and with their emotions and spirituality.

9) Self-motivated people are able to rise above adversity – don’t sweat the small stuff.

10) They engage in searching for self reflection. Possess self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.

11) Sincere self-forgiveness. Self-motivators are humble and willing to admit when they are wrong.