The Benefits of Early Health Screenings

The Benefits of Early Health Screenings

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All children require behavioral guidance and supervision. However, those with developmental and behavioral problems demand particular care and attention. Screening children for such health problems facilitates diagnosis and supports necessary treatment. Additionally, it provides opportunities for receiving specialized services, such as in-home support. If you have yet to do so, seek an Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) services provider and have your child tested.

Therapeutic Alliance offers such services in Fredericksburg, VA. We are a private mental health agency that serves children, adults, and families with proven methods for individualized treatments. Our holistic approach emphasizes comprehensive services in an empathetic setting. Moreover, we are committed to making the therapy process smooth and accessible for all our patients. Contact us at (833) 319-0526 to discover our therapy-based services.

Below, we detail the benefits of screening for health problems in children:

Assessing & Identifying Health Problems 

Individuals of all ages can benefit from health screenings. The motivation behind these services is simple: help individuals identify health problems and assess their progression. Indeed, children already receive diagnostic screenings during conventional family practitioner visits. Nevertheless, parents concerned about their child’s behavior can seek EPSDT services. 

EPSDT comprises numerous individual services, including comprehensive health and developmental history as well as vision, dental, hearing, and other necessary components. Children benefit from all such support, especially since it can lead to early identification of health problems.

Early Diagnosis & Treatment

When children receive a disorder diagnosis at a young age, parents can get them the appropriate treatment specialist and preventative care. Moreover, early diagnosis helps caretakers anticipate secondary health problems. Individuals who suffer from a disorder have a higher risk of developing anxiety, depression, ADHD, or insomnia later in life.

Behavioral and developmental treatments are also most effective during childhood. Treatment techniques support positive behaviors, which allows the child to practice responses to complex situations. Additionally, catching and treating such health concerns early in life can help prevent mislabeling and confusion, especially among children and young adults. 

Many health plans offer ongoing screenings to monitor an individual’s condition for up-to-date diagnosis and treatment options. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an example of a data-driven therapy that measures autism outcomes frequently.

Receiving In-Home Support

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Individuals ages 4–18 who struggle with growth and developmental disorders—including autism, Attention Hyper Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), and Conduct Disorder/Oppositional Defiant Disorder—may require Intensive In-Home Services (IIH). EPSDT also supports IIH services for individuals ages 21 and below.

Such services are available for children who live with parents or guardians. Furthermore—given proper training—a child’s family can meet some of their needs. These services can improve communication skills and decrease maladaptive patterns of behavior, particularly those that lead to complex behavioral problems and restrictive care.

Professional EPSDT Services in Fredericksburg, VA

Therapeutic Alliance is a private agency that offers EPSDT-supported services in Fredericksburg, VA. We provide the highest quality of care through case consultation and supervision. Moreover, we prioritize our client’s comfort and welfare by honoring their needs through every step of their journey. We also use a strength-based approach to focus on the client’s strengths for leading the process. Contact us at (833) 319-0526 to learn about our insurance options.