The Fastest Way To Overcome Resistance

The Fastest Way To Overcome Resistance

How can we use this simple listening technique to build an immediate connection rapport and suggest an alternative solution or breakthrough resistance? Have you ever felt stuck in convincing someone with your point of view?

5 Senses

We have five senses – taste, touch, feel, see, and hear. You have to listen to what kind of ‘senses’ person or family you are dealing with. For example, if someone says, “That leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” then that person is probably a taste-sensory person. He or she describes things or situations with “taste” in their mind. If someone keeps saying, “I see,” to everything you say, then that person is probably more visual, and you can use visual examples to connect with that person.

Most people are unaware or oblivious to building rapport with someone, but by bringing it into our conscious awareness, we can become more adept and proficient at it by mirroring people, even when there are significant differences between us. By doing so, you can increase your ability to connect with others naturally and deal with various personality types you may encounter. The power of connecting with someone doesn’t stop at body language. You can expand that concept by matching another person’s beliefs or values to enhance your communication.

Alkesh Patel LPC, CSAC, CEO