Therapeutic Alliance Now Offers Virtual Outpatient Therapy!

Therapeutic Alliance Now Offers Virtual Outpatient Therapy!

In the past decade, Therapeutic Alliance has delivered life-changing treatments in Hampton Roads and throughout Virginia. We have always sought to offer flexible options to fit our clients’ schedules that nevertheless furnish the support they need. Now, to continue and improve the administration of these programs, our organization is offering a new service: virtual outpatient therapy. This service provides increased convenience to clients throughout the state, accessibility to a broader range of options, and support for our organization’s goals.

Below, Emalee Zingher—Therapeutic Alliance’s Community Based Program Manager—details the particulars of our virtual therapy services:

What are Virtual Therapy Services?

The purpose of online therapy is to deliver treatments and services that counselors have traditionally provided face-to-face. Creating this functionality became paramount in March of 2020 when Covid restrictions prevented in-person treatment options. As Emalee explains, “Covid changed the counseling profession entirely. It used to be predominantly face-to-face and a sliver of virtual [services]. But, since Covid, it’s been the exact opposite.”

Even as restrictions ease and the virus’s severity subsides, affordable online therapy now presents great opportunities for Therapeutic Alliance. During Covid, Emalee reports, “everyone started doing virtual counseling [out of necessity]. Then it pivoted and became the preference of how to deliver outpatient services.”

Indeed, online counseling offers unrivaled versatility. “You can be at your home and sign in with your therapist or licensed provider,” says Emalee. “Or you could do it anywhere you need. It [works] at the touch of your hand when your device—laptop, phone, whatever—has access to the link. And that brings more comfort.”

Who Can Receive Virtual Therapy Treatments?

In response to this new offering, many individuals may ask who can receive virtual therapy and for what treatments. The answer reveals the full value of telehealth: “Anyone from any walk of life can come in and receive virtual outpatient or general outpatient services as well as intensive in-home and mental skills services,” according to Emalee.

She elaborates, “[Therapeutic Alliance is] ready to expand on our services and serve a larger population, such as at-risk kids or those who are dealing with a certain diagnosis. We really wanted to make sure we do something adaptable to everyone, and that’s virtual counseling.” Such counseling extends to “adults who have . . .  major depression, stress management, life transitions, and even to previously hospitalized and medicated clients.”

How will Therapeutic Alliance Leverage This New Option?

Virtual services can facilitate diverse treatment options, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. But that’s just a starting point, as Emalee explains, “We can provide more motivational interviewing to make sure the client can solve their problems through understanding. We are also looking to expand into dialectical behavior therapy, which incorporates a lot of mindfulness and confronting irrational beliefs.” 

The benefits of expanding treatment options include helping more people. “[Dialectical behavior therapy] is very effective with things like personality issues, mood disorders, and anything of that capacity.” Moreover, online therapy’s flexibility allows more people to access counseling. Emalee says, “We want to make sure that we have the staff to meet the market need.”

How Does Virtual Therapy Fit within Therapeutic Alliance’s Mission and Values?

This new service helps Therapeutic Alliance achieve its mission and embrace its values. “We want to make sure our clients are fully satisfied in their life,” Emalee says. “We want them to feel like they’re able to overcome and accomplish a lot of things. Virtual outpatient counseling [works] with our mission quite hand in hand. We ultimately want to be an agent of change.” 

“We’re here for our clients,” Emalee adds. “You know, at the end of the day, we are here to provide a service to them. And virtual outpatient . . . puts our mission, our vision, and our values into place. It also helps cement [Founder and CEO] Alkesh Patel’s vision, [Chief Operating Office] Robbie Smith’s vision, and myself and Stephanie Johnson’s.” 

Best of all, “[Therapeutic Alliance] can serve you no matter if you’re in Lynchburg or Harrisonburg and your provider is in Manassas. You have access to someone.”

Professional Virtual Therapy Available in Hampton Roads and Across Virginia!

Moving forward, Therapeutic Alliance’s virtual therapy services will be available to all patients. Although we’re based in Hampton Roads, VA, our support can extend across the state. Our treatment options include family counseling, intensive in-home services, mental health

Alkesh Patel LPC, CSAC, CEO