What are Therapeutic Interventions?

What are Therapeutic Interventions?

Some people need support from others—including friends, family members, or a therapist—during the therapy process. However, others need support to initiate the therapy process. A therapeutic intervention could be crucial in the latter scenario, as it compels an individual to recognize the concerns and struggles of the people around them. Given June’s status as National PTSD Awareness Month, use this moment to start intensive in-home therapy services with a qualified professional.

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Below, we explain when to seek therapeutic intervention as well as the available types:

When Therapeutic Intervention is Helpful

In a therapeutic intervention, an individual or group intervenes on behalf of someone struggling to initiate or receive therapy alone. This technique is meant to modify or prevent negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that inhibit the suffering person’s ability to seek help. 

Therapeutic intervention stands to help individuals with conditions such as:

Therapeutic intervention can also take the form of crisis intervention, which addresses a traumatic event through immediate confrontation. In either case, friends or family members of the individual may play a role in initiating or carrying out the intervention process.

Therapeutic intervention may be followed by positive psychology therapy. Such therapy seeks to help people lead more fulfilling lives after addressing a core problem or trauma by emphasizing positive influences.

Types of Therapeutic Intervention

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  1. Group Therapy: A group of people who share similar challenges participates in therapy together. They support one another by sharing their experiences, which helps them better understand themselves and others. Group therapy is often used for treating addiction, but it applies to other concerns as well.
  1. Medical Intervention: A general practitioner or psychiatrist may prescribe medication for mental or physical concerns in combination with other treatments.
  1. Family Therapy: Family therapy addresses behavioral problems within a family unit. It intervenes upon each member of the family by identifying unhealthy patterns and developing new methods of interaction.
  1. Dance, Art, Music, and Drama: Creative therapy engages emotional expression to help individuals interpret their feelings. It creates a soft alternative to traditional therapy, which relies on verbal expression.

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