About Therapeutic Alliance

Who is Therapeutic Alliance?

Therapeutic Alliance is a private mental health agency offering comprehensive, individualized behavioral, and mental health care services throughout Virginia for over a decade. We strive to provide culturally sensitive services to a diverse population of children, their families, and adults. The staff at Therapeutic Alliance have the expert academic and clinical training that allows them to treat their patients with evidence based methods. The management staff is actively involved in case consultation and supervision to ensure the highest quality of care to its clients and referring agencies.

At Therapeutic Alliance, we truly care for our clients and their needs.

The welfare of our clients is our greatest priority. We believe that our individualized treatment approach and our ability to form lasting working relationships with clients are our greatest assets.

Leadership at Therapeutic Alliance.

The Therapeutic Alliance staff possesses educational and clinical training that allows us to address mental health and behavioral issues using evidence-based methods.

Our Staff

What Patients & Staff are Saying

TA is a great supportive company that cares for their clients. – Christopher N.
A well-trained, professional staff functioning under caring and dedicated leadership to bring hope and guidance to children, youth, and families. – Peggy M.
TA is an awesome place to work! Very fun group of people! – Reggie R.

Core Values

Therapeutic Alliance relies on our 4C's model as a source of core values and standards for the team, clients, and how we hold each other accountable within the agency. 

Client Centered

We strive to offer each client quality individualized treatment with emphatic approach that empowers and motivates the client in the therapeutic process.


We commit, engage, and obligate ourselves to work for the best well-being of our clients and be present at all times for them.


We work in compliance with appropriate, recommended, and prescribed mental health treatments for our clients.


Our relationship with the clients is grounded on open communication, a culture of sharing, and trusts in the therapeutic process.

Therapeutic Alliance is a licensed provider of comprehensive IIH and MHSB services through the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. ABA Services are regulated through the Virginia Board of Medicine.

Culturally sensitive counseling.

  • Our clients comprise all cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds.
  • We provide extensive supervision to each and every case as a means to ensure a sound therapeutic approach.
  • Our goal is to truly know our clients and to use this knowledge to guide, support, and motivate them as they make necessary life changes.

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