VMAP in Virginia

VMAP in Virginia

Those in the mental health field know that it is just as significant as physical health, yet our nation’s mental healthcare system cannot meet the needs of many. To fill this gap, organizations such as the Virginia Mental Health Access Program (VMAP) have been formed. VMAP seeks to increase the effectiveness of Virginia’s statewide mental health services, thereby boosting the overall mental health services in the US.

At Therapeutic Alliance, we seek to contribute a vast array of mental health services to patients in Northern Virginia and throughout the state. We practice in locations throughout the state, addressing and treating as many patients as possible. We provide individual therapy sessions, family counseling, and autism behavior services. If you or a loved one need comprehensive mental health care, consider meeting with a professional at Therapeutic Alliance.

Below, we discuss VMAP and its benefits to mental health professionals across Virginia:  

What is VMAP? 

The Virginia Mental Health Access Program (VMAP) seeks to bolster Virginia’s mental health system by assisting primary care providers (PCPs)–such as pediatricians and nurse practitioners–in caring for children, adolescents, and young adults with mental health conditions. VMAP does so by offering training courses on mental health screening, diagnosis, management, and treatment.

Additionally, VMAP is putting together in-person and telehealth consultation services. They hope that these connections provide healthcare professionals with assistance from child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers.

Beyond these practices, VMAP seeks to assist healthcare providers and families in need by offering additional mental health resources. In doing so, the organization strengthens Virginia’s mental healthcare system. They connect regional healthcare providers with mental health specialists to better serve children and young adults. 

How VMAP Benefits PCPs

Numerous primary care providers across the state of Virginia benefit from receiving VMAP assistance. It allows these doctors to promptly respond to the needs of their patients, who may be developing or undergoing mental health crises.

The assistance also provides PCPs with expert support in situations they may not feel wholly comfortable with, allowing them to properly treat and provide assistance to young patients diagnosed with mental health conditions such as PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and more.

Similarly, we seek to do the same by having several locations across Virginia, staffed with mental health professionals prepared to diagnose and treat numerous conditions and provide assistance to patients young and old to ensure they receive the positive mental health outcomes they deserve.

Therapeutic Alliance: Dedicated Mental Health Services in Northern Virginia

We hope for ourselves and VMAP achieve great results together through providing effective mental health services across Virginia. While VMAP does this by working directly with primary care providers by connecting them with mental health professionals, Therapeutic Alliance works directly with patients to serve their needs. We provide individual and family counseling and are trained to treat patients with all manner of mental health conditions, from anxiety and depression to PTSD and bipolar disorder. Contact us at (833) 319-0526 to find out how we can help you or your loved one improve your mental health today.