Being human first will help close racial division.

Being human first will help close racial division.

I know there is lot of uncertainty in this environment and everyone has the right to express themselves. I just wanted to tell you that race equality is progressing from my view. I see a lot more intercultural connection., conversational meetings, as well as casual meetings.  I believe minorities do feel that their voice is getting heard and the majority do feel that they must stop and show their humanity to all races as we are created equal.  My opinion: I vote and salute for those who practice nonviolence and apologize for any wrongdoings, but understand I am still learning. I support each of you in expressing your freedom of speech and a right to participate in a peaceful protest.  

Special Attention: 
1. Remember our obligation to not do anything that would put our client’s wellbeing or health in jeopardy, especially during this pandemic.  

2. We also need to not get sucked in expressing our personal opinions on political or religious matters to co-workers and especially not to our clients or their families.   

3. Practice mindfulness by maintaining professional boundaries.  

These uncertain and evolving times will challenge each of us as we find a way as humans and Americans to move forward together.  I am certain we will become even stronger for having experienced this as a country and as the human race.